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I've chosen orcas, or killer whales, for icons
because they are:
Potentially dangerous

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Wisdom and Perceptions (under construction)
Bits and pieces gathered from friends, sorta friends, magazines, and Web surfing. Some wisdom?
Weight and Fitness Links
Places I have visited that look promising either for nutrition, exercise, or stress reduction.
Nutrition/Fitness Software
Information on nutrition, diet, exercise software. Links to download demo copies for most.
Books (under construction)
In conjunction with, books on healthy lifestyles.
Sites by Others (under construction)
Other web sites I like to visit, mostly personal web sites, but some support sites may also show up.
Pod Line for Orca Gossip
Discussion forum for issues on weight or other concerns. 

Last updated 7/13/98 (entry for email address corrected; connection to discussion forum set up)
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