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Berry; Domestic Violence Sourcebook

Domestic Violence SourceBook
Dawn Bradley Berry

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Dawn Berry

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Format: Paperback, 278pp.
ISBN: 1565658736
Publisher: Lowell House
Pub. Date: January 1998
Edition Desc: UPDATED ED
Healthy Living members. This is one of three books one of our discussion leaders said helped her the most. Allanae describes this book as "an excellent handbook with unlimited facts, important phone numbers to shelters, legal help, etc.  Another MUST HAVE!"  The author is a survivor of domestic violence.
From the Publisher:   The revised edition includes information on welfare reform and its impact on domestic abuse victims, as well as providing legal and emotional outlets for victims."
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From Booklist:  Bradley defines domestic abuse as "the systematic persecution of one partner by another," a definition that encompasses physical, sexual, and emotional battering. Most of Berry's book is taken up with discussing the history and psychology as well as the legal and familial elements of this complex issue. She strongly suggests that not until people understand its impact on personal and societal levels can change be achieved. Berry then discusses prevention and improvement programs as well as immediate shelter and aid for women under siege. An extensive bibliography and lists of helpful organizations are appended.