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A. Orca's Book Store - Inventory by Title
Updated 10/17/99

Title Look In Subject Area
Coach Approach, The Self-Esteem/Motivation
Complete Book of Food Counts, the   General Fitness
Demon-Haunted World, The: Science as a Candle in the Dark   Scientific Method
Dieting with the Duchess {with Duchess of York}   Cookbooks and Cooking
Dining with the Duchess {with Duchess of York}    Cookbooks and Cooking
Divorced from Justice:  The Abuse of Women by Divorce Lawyers Abuse/Abusive Relationships
Domestic Violence Handbook, The Abuse/Abusive Relationships
Fat Burning Workout, The General Fitness
Fit or Fat Woman, The {with Lea Bishop}    General Fitness
Journal of Daily Renewal, A {with Oprah Winfrey}   General Fitness
Look In, Look Up, Look Out Self-Esteem/Motivation 
Make the Connection {with Oprah Winfrey}    General Fitness
Men Who Hate Women and Women Who Love Them Abuse/Abusive Relationships
New Fit or Fat, The   General Fitness
Personal Training:  Individual Fitness Programs and Training Plans for Every Body Type General Fitness
Obsessive Love:  When It Hurts Too Much to Let Him Go Abuse/Abusive Relationships
Smart Exercise   General Fitness
Smart Talk General Fitness 
Strong Women Stay Young General Fitness
Strong Women Stay Slim General Fitness
Stop Domestic Violence Abuse/Abusive Relationships
Stop Stuffing Yourself (audio) General Fitness
Weight Training Made Easy   General Fitness
Weight Watchers' 101 Secrets for Success: Weight Loss Tips from Weight Watchers Leaders   Self-Esteem/Motivation
Well Rounded: Eight Simple Steps for Changing Your Life... Not Your Size   Self-Esteem/Motivation