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Vedral:  Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Workout: From Fat to Firm in 24 Days
Joyce Vedral

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Joyce Vedral

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 224pp.
ISBN: 0446391948
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated
Pub. Date: February  1991
Healthy Living members recommended a number of this author's books on weight training and workouts.  I don't remember who specifically recommended this particular one, but it's the top seller of her titles.  
From the Author

The Fat Burning Workout or your workout needs. This workout uses the "giant" set. You do the first set of three exercises for a given body part before you take a short rest. You then do your second set with a slightly higher weight, take a brief rest and do your third. You proceed to the next two exercises and move on to the next body part! For the crazy women, there is a fourth and fifth set. The workout time can be 20-40 minutes, depending upon which plan you use, and now, there is a video to go with each level.

I first introduced this book on Sally Jesse Raphael, and since then, up until this day, women have been sending me their before and after photos to brag about their wonderful results.

Joyce L. Vedral, Ph.D

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