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Stop Stuffing Yourself

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Weight Watchers

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Format: Audio
ISBN: 0671043293
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Pub. Date: September 1998
Healthy Living Forum recommendation.  This is another of our resident Weight Watchers' expert's recommended titles.  See her comments below under "Reader Reviews."   She refered to it as a "book," but I found it as audio, not print.
From the Publisher
Weight Watchers addresses food issues that go beyond "what" to eat. This audio program contains the latest information on the hottest topic in weight control--emotional overeating. Full of hands-on advice and reassuring coping techniques for winning the battle with food, this guide covers everything from stress and anger to boredom and loneliness, explaining how anyone can identify the causes of overeating and succeed at losing weight.
Reader Reviews:
From our WW Leader member at Healthy Living:  Stop Stuffing Yourself deals with subjects such as:
1. Find out how your family and childhood may have influenced how you eat today
2. Identify your personal eating style
3. Discover the emotions that trigger you to lose control over food
4. Learn how your relationships could be affecting your eating behavior
5. Understand you're not alone by reading true stories of those who have grappled with overeating, learned more about themselves, and gained control over their eating
6. Master techniques and get hands-on advice for conquering overeating, once and for all.