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The Pod Place
for matters of weight and well being

I've chosen orcas, or killer whales, for icons
because they are:
Potentially dangerous

Last update:  12/12/98
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Wisdom and Perceptions   Updated 9/13/98
Bits and pieces gathered from friends, sorta friends, magazines, and Web surfing. Some wisdom?

Weight and Fitness Links Updated 8/98
Places I have visited that look promising either for nutrition, exercise, or stress reduction.

Nutrition/Fitness Software
Information on nutrition, diet, exercise software. Links to download demo copies for most.

affiliate_red1.gif (2193 bytes)   Books  Updated 9/13/98
Books on healthy lifestyles. Yes, I get a commission if you order from my "bookstore."

Sites by Others Updated 9/6/98
Other web sites I like to visit, mostly personal web sites, but some support sites may also show up.

Pod Line for Orca Gossip Updated 9/7/98
Discussion forum for issue/s on weight or other concerns. 

New and Improved Updated 9/13/98
A record of additions, changes, and so on for the site.

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