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Almost all of the software covered on this page costs money eventually, but most of it you can try out without putting out $$$. Please remember that shareware IS NOT freeware! Send me a note at if you have any you'd like to see listed.

Disclaimer: There's no particular order to this list and the blurb for each item is my opinion only. Decide for yourself whether or not the software will be useful.
DietPower software; free download for 30 day trial use. Guarantees success IF you follow the system (where have I heard that before!). Full version on the pricey end, but it does give a bunch of information, including a calorie "budget" for each day to help meet your goals. According to the company's web site, the program will adapt the calorie budget based on the exercise and food intake you enter. Worth looking at.
Mealformation also offers free download for evaluation; midrange for price. Essentially a meal planner vice weight loss program. In that sense, it might be more versatile.
Software company specializing in nutrition and fitness titles. Two titles of are interest here, Diet Balancer and Cooking Companion. Diet Balancer has been around for several years and the company keeps improving it. Version 5 is due out in October 1998. Cooking Companion provides lots of recipes, plus the ability to add your own, and provides nutritional information based on the ingredients. Price range, moderate for each.
Weight Commander shareware, free download, relatively cheap to register after download; takes a very traditional approach (NOT a kinder and gentler look at losing weight), including recording weight every day. Based on your entries, it will track your progress in all kinds of nifty ways. Worth looking at.
Recipe Calculator; free download for 30 day trial use. Calculates nutritional values for recipes, daily intake, and so forth.
ZDNet site for downloading shareware. Use the search function to look for titles on nutrition, diet, or weight. Search results list title, very brief description, operating system requirements, rating, and number of downloads. Remember that shareware IS NOT freeware.