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Healthy Living
A. Orca's Bookstore - Recommended Titles

We've grouped the recommended titles into topics to make it easier for you to browse.   Clicking on a topic will open a new window where you can browse our shelves.

If you are looking for a particular book or particular author, open the list of titles or list of authors. 


General Fitness:  Because there is almost no way to untangle exercise, nutrition, and weight management, all three areas are included in this section. 

Eating Disorders:  Although some of the publications under this heading are also general fitness titles, the seriousness of eating disorders urges a section of it's own.

Self-Esteem and Motivation:  Titles in this section deal with issues of size acceptance, getting and staying motivated to be your best, some fashion ideas, and "self-talk" concepts.

Cookbooks and Cooking:  Books on healthy cooking.

Coping with Abuse/Abusive Relationships:  What's the truth about abuse?  What keeps it going?  How can you get out of it if you're caught in it?  How can you help someone who's caught in it?

Scientific Research/Scientific Method:  For the cynics amongst us (me included!), titles that deal with evaluating  claims.  Health claims are our main concern, but some titles are more general.

Alternative Medicine:  Publications on non-traditional approaches such as herbal rememdies, acupuncture. 

Software/Audios/Videos:  A bit of a miscellaneous here, based on the type of publication rather than the topic covered.   Most of these will also be found in the subject areas.