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Updated 9/13/98.  Scroll down for a message from A. Orca.

Read any good books or seen any good videos lately on:   
  • Size acceptance
  • Exercise
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Anything else
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Click on discussion above to go to our message center to recommend any books, videos, tapes you thought were particularly useful, or to see what others have recommended.  You can also warn people away from books or videos you felt were awful.  In either case, let us know what was good or bad.   If you have trouble posting, send your comments to me at and I'll try to make sure they get posted.  Book talk, above, will take you to the home page for the Barnes and Noble message boards.

Please go to my bookstore, affiliated with, to order any books or videos you may be interested in.  The bookstore features books on all of the topics shown above, with links to other subjects and search engines for the Barnes and Noble site.  Your orders, on any subject, will help me support my web habit!